Anonymous asked: I miss you Marlowe! Come back!

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Note to Followers (Now that I have some time)

I just realized now that I notified the admins but I never notified my amazing followers of my absence. I have decided, quite a while ago, to leave this amazing roleplay. It has become too hectic between school and family life to be involved in such an active roleplay. This place has become my family and I don’t know what I would do without some of these amazing people. 

I am so thankful for each and everyone of you who decided to click the follow button, it means a lot to me that my ridiculous shenanigans has brought you entertainment. Also, if anyone from the roleplay (theoriginagleeks) is reading this, Thank You. Wow. <3

I have reached over a hundred followers and have created 16, 863 posts, and that’s amazing to me. 

Thank you again for letting me RP here.

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Happy Turkey Day everyone.

Something came up in New Haven and I couldn’t make it home.

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  1. Any what song is this?
  2. Which song?

Ummm… Diamonds.. by Rihanna?

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Can’t get this stupid song out of my head.

I’m starting to annoy myself.. but, hello.

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Hey, Guys.

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sexybitchsantanalopez asked: text: we're trying ~ i mean ~ we're not really having problems ~ the problems we're encountering is just him not being home

Text: Oh, well.. I’m sorry, Santana. That’s unfortunate. 

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sexybitchsantanalopez asked: text: im not trying to replace you ~ i swear ~ she always asks for you so you are still her number one ~ and as for puck ~ i dont know ... things are rough

Text: I’m glad to hear Beth still knows I exist. (: I’m sorry about Puck.. are you.. going to work through your issues?

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I’m Alive.


Well yeah. Though other then freezing your butt what have you been up to?

Umm.. school work, writing papers.. studying.. just, boring things. I miss High School.

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